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I've been using Coil for a while (see this from last year and this quip more recently), because I'm curious if alternative web payment and monetization models would work.  

The appeal of Coil is that I subscribe ($5 per month) and enable the Coil extension in my browser, and when I visit a Coil-enabled website, they get a bit of money. The longer I spend on those pages, the more they get. The amounts are small, of course, but not terribly so:  since I enabled my blog less than a year ago, my paltry few hundred page hits has generated about $15 worth of XRP (depending on the value of it day to day).

I recently installed the PayTrackr extension, which shows where my browsing has send money via Coil.  Here's a recent snapshot of the in-browser dropdown (amounts blocked out, but all less than 0.4 XPR, so less than 10 cents).  However, this is from "not much browsing", and if everyone who visited these sites used Coil, the income would be substantial, I think.  

A snapshot of where my Coil subscription is sending $$ from my browsing.

Enough to change their business models?  No idea, but perhaps.

Join Coil and give it a try, and lets reward good websites that we spend significant time on.

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