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I count myself among those people who feel it's critical that we find a way of monetizing the web beyond ads and surveillance capitalism.  So, I've been pondering Coil for a while, and was reminded about it again recently by a friend. For those unfamiliar with it, the idea is that you (as consumer of web content) subscribes to Coil ($5/month right now) and when you visit a Coil-enabled site, the creator of that site gets a small amount based on the time you spend there.

From their site:

We change the way you monetize content on the web!
We think our idea is pretty rad, but it’s really not that radical. It comes from a belief that all people deserve effortless commerce.
Coil exists because content monetization doesn’t work for everyone, and we think it should. Our model offers an alternative to the status quo of paid advertisements and selling the public’s attention to the highest bidders – A solution that will serve the people who aren’t being served well today.

I coil-enabled this site, just to see if anyone coming here with a Coil subscription, and I bought a subscription (just to see what sites I end up contributing to).  I'm interested to see where this goes, if anything surprising happens, I'll report back later.

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