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Ok, I've tried to avoid focusing on my own work here, but it's been a fun week at GDC 2009 so far (the Game Developer's Conference).  I gave a talk on Handheld AR Games on Monday at the GDC Mobile Summit (Ori wrote about that), and met a lot of interesting people after it.  There is clearly a growing understanding that AR is going to be a significant feature in the landscape of mobile AR, which is really exciting!

I also met with some folks from TouchArcade, a really great site for iPhone game reviews.  We talked for a while about our little iPhone game demo,and I showed them the other demo game we created on NVidia's reference platform. They wrote a small story about our chat; the big point is that, while the current AR games on mobiles are still a bit rough around the edges, when you see what the new platforms (whether NVidia's Tegra or TI's OMAP3 or Qualcomm's SnapDragon), you begin to understand what handheld AR might be like!

Not to leave out some video, here's a short video of what I showed them on the NVidia Tegra.

{% youtubes uGNgyGU-81E %}

And, for reference, our older iPhone pet game:

{% youtubes _0bitKDKdg0 %}

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