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I've been quiet for a while (family stuff), but will start posting again.  I normally don't focus on my own work, but I'm so proud of the work my students did this year, I want to share.  First, as Ori points out over on his blog, I finally posted the videos from our class projects last fall (wow, did that take a while).  For those that don't know, last fall I taught a class (coordinated with a class taught by Tony Tseng at SCAD-Atlanta) on handheld AR game design.  It was pretty rough on the students (old, flaky hardware; new, work-in-progress software), but they did a great job.  We had them design and build a new game every month, so it was fast paced and fun.  Here's a link to the playlist of the videos I posted (not all the games from the class, as a few games never resulted in videos on my computer ...).  The game voted best game was Candy Wars, which I'll embed here.

{% youtubes Rqcp8hngdBw %}

We also wrote a paper on the class, which was presented at the ACM Foundations of Digital Games conference. We also have a paper in the SIGGRAPH Games Track (on our collaborative AR game, Art of Defense), but I haven't posted the final video yet (I'll do that in a few weeks).

Finally, Kim and David improved our zombie shooter game (that I showed off at GDC); there's a new, much cooler video, up. The game is now called ARhrrrr ...

{% youtubes Cix3Ws2sOsU %}

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