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{% marginfigure "vuzix" assets/images/external/blair-vuzix-gdc.jpeg "Blair in HMD" %}
There's been enough press about this, so I won't go into details.  Vuzix had a demo of their two newest displays (the 920, with the camera attachment, and a not-yet-functional physical prototype of the Wrap, due out this summer).  Suffice to say, I believe these displays are marking a turning point for mobile AR.

Are they sleek and stylish?  Hmmm.  Not yet (by fashion standards) ... but, by "what came before them" standards, the new wrap will be very interesting.  Will I carry a pair and wear them?  The answer there depends 100% on the answer to the question "What will I see when I look through them?"   In other words, what are the applications going to be?

The important point, of course, is that the price and quality of these displays, combined with the power of the next generation of mobile devices, will make it possible for people to finally start answering that question.

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