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I've been using VS Code for teaching and remote collaboration for years;  how did I just learn about Visual Studio Live Share?  Perhaps it's new?

One of my students (thanks L.B.!) pointed me at it during office hours, so he could more easily show me his code and I could look around in the project.  It works pretty well, dare I say "It's amazing, does exactly what it sets out to do!".

I installed the extension for Visual Studio Code, the student started a session and shared a link, I signed in with Github (I later tried it with my Georgia Tech Microsoft account – we use Office365 at Tech – and it worked equally well), and BOOM, I could see his code, look around, and so on.  We were chatting in Teams at the same time, figured out his problem, he stopped the session, and we were done.

Easy peasy.  Give it a try.

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