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I've put up some yard signs (including buying spares, since they will inevitably get stolen and/or defaced by vandals), both Biden/Harris and other causes that this election has become important for.  

The other day I updated the list of causes I support on this website, and right around the time I saw this article about the Biden campaign launching official Animal Crossing: New Horizons yard signs.  

I thought, "Hey, I should really tart up my ACNH island with yard signs for these causes!" (since I've collected nice little icons).  I even found a little tool to help with converting images to ACNH patterns.

Many of the logos don't work very well is such low resolution, but here's a few that did. I'm providing them here in case they are useful to anyone else.

Planned Parenthood logo.
Democratic Party logo.
Human Rights Campaign equality logo.
Black Lives Matter logo.

The ACLU logo I use is a bit complicated, having 4 images and a text line; slicing off the text line to make it square made it easy to convert the four images to patterns.

Anyway, while I try not to be overtly political on my blog, this is "vaguely techie" ... and this election is too important to tip-toe around.

Sadly, though, I still don't have any of the sign recipes (such as "Plain Wooden Shop Sign") so I can't create little political yard signs on my island ... I'll keep looking, although if someone wants to send me a DIY, I'd be super grateful ...

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