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(Every now and then I ponder writing this post, so this morning I did)

This is one of my favorite t-shirts.  Why, you ask?

Why are you looking at me? I just run the servers at Tyrell, it's not like I actually decided how the Replicants would operate and be used and treated!

It's old and beat up, but when I wear it, it reminds me that every evil megacorp in every dystopian sci-fi book or movie had a bunch of employees making it possible to carry our whatever evil they were doing.  People who probably collected S.W.A.G. at company parties, and could be seen wearing their t-shirts around the nightmarish version of downtown LA.

Just like everyone working at any company, they were people just doing their jobs, perhaps enthusiastic about the mission, perhaps not caring, perhaps rationalizing about "working on changing things from the inside", perhaps because they couldn't get another well paying gig, ... whatever their reasons, they helped evil happen in some small way.

So I wear my shirt, and I think about other t-shirts I see people wearing and collecting, and I am reminded why I'm happy not to be getting those shirts at company parties.

picture gallery redacted ... use your imagination
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