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I've been mulling the idea of setting up a more robust dual-PC streaming setup.  I've got no shortage of PC's around the house, so it wouldn't require buying a new PC, just the various peripherals.  I thinking about it for a few reasons.  First, is for fun. I'd like to do the occasional streaming when I play video games, I find when I steam I have more fun because I'm more conscious of what's going on and I like the performative aspect of it, especially my non-toxic, left wing, lets-all-be-good-to-each-other nature.  I'd also like to playing around with more explicitly mixing work and play, and adding some AR/VR/games research chat into it.

But I also would like to use this for work.  I've done a lot of recording for the AR/VR projects I'm doing at Mozilla and Georgia Tech, and it's often a pain to get the results to look good.  Having a really good capture setup, that just so happens to also stream, would be great.  I've done a few "stream some WebVR content to twitch as a way of recording it" and it works great;  OBS let's you have different scene setups for different purposes, so creating scenes with multiple cameras or greenscreen overlays of video cameras would be super useful.

I was thinking about this again because this video from an Jayne (an Overwatch professional streamer and league coach) came up in my inbox as a suggestion, and it provided some good tech advice that cut through a lot of the conflicting (and often unjustied-but-ferverent) opinions you find if you search for streaming rig setups.  Check it out if you're interested, I may just have to buy some of this gear and give it a try.

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