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Last week, I was excited to try Beat Saber but it failed miserably with the Windows MR display I had hooked up. I said I was going to dig out the Rift from its box and see if a display with outside-in tracking would work and not have the tracking dropouts that the Windows MR display did.

Sure enough, it works great[1]. Played a few rounds through with zero problems with tracking loss. Of course, there were other problems. Most obviously, my arm got tangled in the display cord a few times (a minor issue, relative to complete tracker failure). The second issue I had was with the ergonomics of the Oculus Touch controllers for this kind of game: no matter how I tried to hold them, I kept accidentally hitting buttons and interrupting the game. (This will probably get better with time, I just haven't used the Touch controllers that much).

I will admit, the Rift is way more comfortable than the Vive or either of the Windows MR displays I have. But I prefer the ergonomics of the Vive controllers more than the others (with Windows MR second, and the Touch last).

If you haven't tried Beat Saber, and you've been looking for a VR game, you should check it out! So much fun!

  1. Aside from my intense annoyance with putting Facebook on my Face. ↩︎

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