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During a break at the CHI workshop on Novel Interaction Techniques for Collaboration in VR, I was was chatting with Ken Perlin about blogging. (Ken and I were both speaking; my slides are web-based and available on github, by the way. Point our WebXR Viewer for iOS at the github pages site for this repo and you'll even get some live, albeit simple, AR demos later in the talk.)

I've known Ken for years, and have always been amazed at the fact that he's blogged every day for more than 10 years. Every single day. So I asked him how he does it. His answer: you just have to do it. It just takes practice, and commitment, but it's not that hard.

As often happens to people in these sorts of situations, I found myself trying to justify why I don't manage to do it. And I realized all my reasons were pretty weak. After all, I probably write enough opinion- and observation-based text every day to fill more than a few posts: professors and research managers are essentially machines that turn coffee into email, after all.

So, I'm going to try and do better. More posts about things I care about, some short, some long, some insightful, some ... perhaps less insightful? We'll see how it goes.

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