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Getting blogging again. Found a great article on posting to my Jekyll blog from iOS that works great!

From his post:

My blog site,, is a static HTML site generated by Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. I love that the site is static HTML as it means I can host the site virtually anywhere. But, unlike dynamic blog sites, like those powered by WordPress, I haven’t been able to publish new posts from my iPhone. And with the upcoming release of, creating new micro-posts for from my iPhone is something I want to do, but how? How can I update my Jekyll site, with its source code hosted on Github and custom plug-ins that can’t run on Github Pages, using my iPhone?


First, I need an app on my iPhone that lets me push changes to my site’s Github repository. In other words, I need a git client on iOS. I decided to use Working Copy.


Editorial has a built-in workflow engine, and while this app might not look as pretty as Byword, it is much more powerful, thanks to a built-in workflow engine, and suited to my needs. I bought Editorial right away and started playing with different workflows that already work with Working Copy. After some trial and error, I created two workflows. One lets me publish a post to, and the other lets me publish a micro-post.

I was especially interested in the micro-post workflow, as I had just set up a micro-blog over at