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Today I am excited to start a new job, while on leave from Georgia Tech, as a Principal Research Scientist at Mozilla. I'll be working for Sean White in the Emerging Technologies Group, looking at adding AR capabilities to the web.

For those of you know know me, or follow my work, this is a natural progression for me. I've been leading the Argon project at Georgia Tech since 2009, looking at what it issues related to using the Web as an infrastructure for AR. We have just released the the 4th version of the Argon browser (Argon4 for iOS) and open-sourced the AR web framework argon.js, all of which can be found at This version is reasonable solid, mature and usable, and the GT team is actively working on enhancing it and finally porting it to new platforms (like Android).

So the next logical step for me is to see if we can take AR into a "real" browser ecosystem. I am really excited to join Mozilla. Aside from having an opportunity to work with great people and advancing ideas I've devoted myself to for the past 7 or 8 years, I am passionate about contributing to the open internet and being part of an organization dedicated to the cause. I don't know all the things I will get up to over the next little while, but I wouldn't be surprised to find myself getting involved in a lot of aspects of what is happening there, both technical (AR, WebVR, browser architectures, etc.) and non-technical (educational, advocacy, policy, etc.)

One of my motivations for getting my blog "functional" again is so that I can blog about the journey and what I am up to.

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