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Earlier this year, I decided to move my personal website and blog out of Wordpress on onto Jekyll. There were many reasons for this; partly I was tired of dealine with Wordpress (yet again, and update to Wordpress and the plugins I was using caused me to have to spend time just getting things working again), but mostly I wanted more control over the blog so that I could start integrating more interesting content into it (this still hasn't happened, but it's "in progress"). I'm planning to add some AR content to the site, soon.

This week, I finally finished one thing, though: my old blog posts are all "cleaned up" and functional again. All the comments were moved from Wordpress over the Disqus and remain attached to the correct posts, I've fixed the content so videos and images show up again, and even updated the layout of some posts to use the new layout I'm using, Tufte-Jekyll, along with the Jekyll-Scholar plugin that makes it easy to academic references and content to the site.

This probably isn't too exciting for most people, but I'm happy it's finally done, and really happy with using Jekyll moving forward. Right now the site is hosted on GitHub, but that may change if GitHub doesn't improve their support for HTTPS on sites with custom domains. Now that Let's Encrypt makes it super-simple to get valid HTTPS certificates, and my hosting provider Dreamhost supports that service, I may move my site back there (but will still keep the source code on GitHub, obviously).

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