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Lance Weatherby posted a link to this video on his blog, and I agree with him that it's interesting and worth watching.

While the presenter (Aral Balkan) is a bit over the top in his analysis of Google (e.g., I really don't think Project Tango is a grand conspiracy by Google to secretly map the inside of everyone's house), I do think the point he gets to later in the video (when he shifts from the implications of our ceding our data to the big 4 - Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter - to his thoughts on user experience) are interesting. His point about the main problem with the "Free" alternatives are insightful.

It's worth a watch!  Here's the description of the video, from youtube:

It's time for a design revolution in open technology. Companies like Google and Facebook that dominate the Internet promise us free services in exchange for the right to watch and study us; to mine and farm us. Like quarries, like livestock, we are natural resources to be exploited in a brave new digital world of corporate surveillance that threatens our most fundamental freedoms.
There are open alternatives but they are too difficult for most of us to use.
It is time to bring design thinking to open source and build beautiful, seamless open consumer products that are easy to use and which respect our fundamental freedoms.

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