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This is really cute.  They filmed an augmented tour of a museum from the vantage point that visitors would watch it on the handheld devices, giving the illusion that the imaginary creatures (such as Darth Vader) were leading them through the museum.  And it seems to work;  people follow along and (apparently) seem to be pulled into the illusion.

{% vimeo 79106646 %}

We've seen this ourselves, when we use panoramic images in our Argon AR browser.  If you are standing approximately where the panorama was taken from, it feels as if you are looking at an AR view.  And even when things differ a lot (such as when there are tons of people in the space, who aren't in the pano, or if the time of day or weather are different), people still seem to like it and get taken in.

Reality (and augmented reality) really are in the eye of the beholder.

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