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In his keynote at AGDC, Bruce Sterling pushed the idea that in the future, all games will be AR games.  His premise of coming back from the future as a student sent by his older self, to talk about the industry in 2043 (35 years from now) is a bit trite, but how can I argue with the observation that

And the games of 2043? "They're not the kind of games that were developed for flat glass screens -- cumbersome," he said. "We don't pretend that a flat glass screen is a window into a virtual world... the idea sounds silly to us."
Then what do the games of 2043 look like? "I think you would call [them] 'augmented reality' but we don't," Sterling continued. "We think that reality is real -- you can have a lot of fun with [an overlaid] game interface." To Sterling, the games of the future scale from personal "body games" to global games and space games and everything in between -- including "neighborhood games". More importantly, "[In 2043] we've got 70 years of computer games -- that's what we've got that you don't have -- and we got it from you. All kinds of dead intellectual properties and platforms, all being continually re-released."

It sounds like it was a bit of a light, motivational talk, but it seems everyone is getting the AR bug these days.

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