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Ok, this isn't really focused on AR, but I'll get to that.  Check out the article on "the cocoon" and ask yourself "why, why, please why?"

Don't get me wrong.  I love technology;  I even love pointless technology if it's cool and might be useful someday.  But, I really hate people trying to revive the VR hype era by pushing a "might be useful for something, especially games" kind of technology as something that could be generally useful.  Classic VR had (and still has) many problems, not least that for most of what we do as people, we really don't want to be isolated from the world.  So (and this is just my humble opinion) climbing inside a small pod is not going to be the answer to the question "how can I make my amazon experience better?"

I liked Scott Fisher's comments at the end, although I probably would opt to say that AR will be here sooner, courtesy of the next generation of mobile phones.  "Real" "immersive" AR (of the sort I've long done, with see-through head-worn displays) will take longer, but it won't be far behind.  Check back in a month or two, and you'll see what I mean!

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