My professional life has revolved around academia, research and consulting.  I am currently a professor at Georgia Tech, in the School of Interactive Computing.  After getting degrees at the University of Waterloo (in Canada) and Columbia University (in New York City), I move to Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

As a student, I worked as an intern at research labs, including the Waterloo Systems Research Lab, the Center for the New Oxford English Dictionary, Xerox PARC and NYNEX Science and Technology’s Research Center.  I was a graduate student at both the University of Waterloo (in the Computer Graphics Lab) and Columbia University (the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab).

I have been at Georgia Tech since the beginning of 1999, where I created and run the GVU Center’s Augmented Environments Lab.  My research is in the area of “Augmented Reality”, an approach to creating interactive computer media where content is directly integrated into a participants experience of the world around them.  My research  has spanned a broad spectrum  of application domains over the years, from military and industrial applications, to art, entertainment, education and games.  I am an active member of the GVU Center, collaborating with colleagues throughout Georgia Tech.  Since many of my collaborations are with faculty in the School of Literature, Media and Communication, I am also an adjunct professor there.

In 2009, I co-founded Aura Interactive, a design and consulting firm specializing in Augmented Reality.  I have consulted for numerous companies, big and small, on design, gaming, business and legal issues related to AR.  At Aura, we are especially interested in helping push AR from a niche technology to the mainstream, and work with clients to ensure their applications and experiences make effective and compelling use of the technology.