ARf: an AR Virtual Pet

November 1, 2008

About a 1 min. read

ARf is a simple demonstration of a Virtual Pet game for the iPhone, done back in 2008.  The goal of this experiment was to explore using AR markers (the only possible way at the time of doing AR tracking on mobile devices) to create an expandable playspace in which a virtual pet could roam about and interact with the player via various virtual props.  Another goal was to test the use of on-screen interactions with the pet (e.g., touching the pet, scratching it’s back or ears), and see if the mediation of touching the glass screen caused the interactions to feel as if they were more “on the screen” rather than “in the world.”   The interactions did feel less direct that players wanted, but it was unclear  if “direct” interaction with the pet (by, say, reaching under the phone to interact with it on the table) would feel any better, due to the lack of haptic feedback when touching a non-existant virtual character.

ARf: an AR Virtual Pet - November 1, 2008 - Blair MacIntyre