An Augmented-Reality Programming Environment for Children

June 1, 2009

About a 1 min. read

AR SPOT is an augmented-reality authoring environment for children. This project explores if it’s possible to integrate 3D AR into a 2D programming metaphor, but exposing the 3D markers in ways analogous to other 2D content in the environment.

AR SPOT is extension of MIT’s Scratch project, and allows children to create experiences that mix real and virtual elements. Children can display virtual objects on a real-world scene observed through a video camera, and they can control the virtual world through interactions between physical objects. This project aims to expand the range of creative experiences for young authors, by presenting AR technology in ways appropriate for this audience. In this process, we investigate how young children conceptualize augmented reality experiences, and shape the authoring environment according to this knowledge.

AR SPOT - June 1, 2009 - Blair MacIntyre