AR SecondLife

Mixed an MMO with the physical world

September 26, 2009

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Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds (MMO) are persistent virtual environments where people play, experiment and socially interact. Second Life was unique among early MMOs in that residents were free to create whatever content they wanted. While the tools were limited and sometimes awkward, a huge amount of experimentation was done with in SL, exploring how to use MMOs for art, education, commerce, collaboration and play.

In AR Second Life research project, we show that MMOs can also provide a powerful platform for Augmented Reality (AR) applications, by aligning a part of the MMO with a part of the physical world. We introduce the notion of AR Stages, persistent, evolving spaces which encapsulate AR experiences in online three dimensional virtual worlds.

Our custom Second Life client software blends together locations in physical space with corresponding places in the Second Life virtual space and leverages the power of the MMO to create an powerful AR authoring environment targeted at a wide audience and fields of application.

We examined the technology and workflows necessary to integrate AR in MMOs and create novel Augmented Reality Experiences.

AR SecondLife - September 26, 2009 - Blair MacIntyre