Georgia Tech

I’m a professor in at Georgia Tech.  My affiliations are:

My address at Georgia Tech is:

Georgia Tech, School of Interactive Computing
85 5th Street NW
Atlanta, GA, 30308
phone: (404) 894-5224

My publications and research can be found online (CVPrior to Georgia TechAt Georgia Tech). A list of classes I am teaching, and have taught in the past, are available here.

I have been a faculty member in the Georgia Tech College of Computing and the GVU Center since January 1999, after finishing a PhD in the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University in New York City. I direct the Augmented Environments Lab, whose research focuses on the design and implementation of interactive mixed-reality and augmented-reality environments, as well as the tools to support people creating them. The current focus of my work is educational, entertainment and gaming applications of augmented and mixed reality environments.  My current projects focus on handheld AR games, co-located social AR experiences, cognitive models of AR and space, AR and children, and AR software based on web technology.  The latter interest is centered around our AR Web Browser, Argon.

I work with a broad range of technology as appropriate for the experience, including handheld, headworn, projection and auditory displays.  Beyond entertainment applications, I have worked on industrial applications of augmented reality with researchers in the GTRI Food Processing Technology Division.

In my research, I look at both task-focused and experiential systems, and blend elements of augmented and mixed-reality, ubiquitous computing, tangible media and wearable computing. My research addresses various computing issues (including human-computer interaction, computer graphics, computer systems, and software engineering) and design issues (including new media design theory, and tools and theories of design for new media) encountered during the design and implementation of augmented environments.

I am involved with numerous conferences and workshops, and have been a Program Committee Chair for ISWC 2000 (International Symposium on Wearable Computing), ISMAR 2003 (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality), and UIST 2003 (The ACM Symposium on User-Interface Software and Technology).  I am general chair for ISMAR 2012.

I have served on the editorial boards of The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies and the journal Virtual Reality.  I have served as the guest editor (with Mark Livingston at NRL) of a “Mixed Reality” special issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.